Jesus of Suburbia

February 27, 2005

Saw Finding Neverland today. My mom and I ate popcorn, so much popcorn it could have fed a small country. And I kicked over our super huge pop, but there were people sitting a few rows in front of us, and the iced tea river flowed quickly towards them. I feld inclined to let them know, in case they had anything on the floor. So I got up and told them that my iced tea was about to soak them, and they said thank you, and we all had a good laugh, and then they moved away and my mom laughed at me cause I'm stupid and crazy all rolled into one.

Dinner at The Aroma. It's a garlic restaurant downtown, very Italian, very quaint, and excellent food. I'd never eated at an Italian restuarant before, odd since I am Italian. I had garlic pasta. Very delicious chicken. It was Julie's birthday celebration, even though her birthday is in March. I gave her a one pound bag of truffles. It seemd to go over very well, as all the women at the table gasped in anticipation and excitement at the mention of truffles. They do melt on your tongue in the most sensual way.

And now I'm at home, watching Chocolat on Showcase. Two Johnny Depp movies in one day, this is the best day ever! I love this movie because of all the chocolate, and the schenanigans (good lord the spelling). And that little kid has an invisible kangaroo, that's awesome cause most kids don't have that much imagination. And then of course Johnny Depp. Ahhh the god of my adultery. He's like a pirate kinda guy, or some kind of thing like that, and he fixes the door, and he likes hot chocolate. Good choice Johnny. That crazy priest, so uptight, and then, eating all the chocolate in the window & waking up there. I wish I could eat a chocolate display.

And I'm drinking vodka in a martini glass and feeling very posh at the moment. It's taller than most martini glasses, and its wavvy, and its absolutely fabulous. I'm a total sucker for anything in a martini glass.


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