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February 16, 2005

Stephanie 010

Today I went out with my Super-Buddy Gina! I went over to her house 'cause she got a bunch of new fish, that were super pretty and a whole bunch of plants, which were also awesome. She got soaking wet while putting the plants in and I laughed at her. Then we went for dinner at Moxie's.

I love Moxie's. It's my favorite restaurant. And tonight they had a drink special on one of my favorite drinks, the Bellini. Yummy, champagne, peach schnapps, sangria.. so much yumminess. Mmmm, I had one, but Gina, oh silly Gina, she had two Moxie sized bellini's...

Ten minutes later..

Stephanie 009

That's right friends, she is puking in Moxie's parking lot while I am laughing hysterically in the car at her and taking her picture. So many good times to be had when I'm with Gina. It's really quite amazing.. anything can happen..

One time we went bowling, and when we were trying to leave, the driver door of her van would not close. It thought it was closed, but it was not. So I had to take off my sweater and devise an elaborate scheme for stringing the sweater through the back window and through the driver window just to keep it moderately closed.

Of course it opened during any kind of turn.. it was -35 degrees out. Not cool.

I found this awesomely funny website, it's about a pharmacist. But it's a humorous pharmacist.
I didn't ask him if I could link to him, but I don't care... He'll get more hits!

Funny Pharmacist

Have fun kiddies!


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