The Worst English I've Ever Spoken

February 23, 2005

So I was talking to this guy online, cause I'm lame and bored and don't want to read my stupid EDIT textbook even though I have a midterm next week and have to read like 4 chapters still.

Anyway, he's all: so what do you look like?
And I'm like: blah blah (that's where I told him what I look like)
And he's like: Dat's awesome
And I'm like: You know it is
And He's like: So do you have a pic?
I'm like: Maybe I do

And then he sent me his pic, and he's like 99% muscle like as big as a house grossness muscley.
And I'm like: Dat's a lot of muscle dude, you compensating for something?
And he's like: Thanks
And I'm like: That wasn't a compliment

So then I sent him here cause he wanted a pic, and then he saw it.
And then he's like: What's In Love With a Bad Idea?
And I'm like: My website
And he's like: oh I gotta go

And I'm like, I know he's only leaving cause he saw my pic. Haha for him, cause he doesn't know the plan.
To KNOW the plan, hit Stephy's Psychic Hotline

And then I felt bitchin cause I was talking smack on his ass.


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