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February 25, 2005

Secretly, my favorite people have always been the ones that have dared to call me "Stephy". I secretly love it more than anything. I can't really say why.

Well, yes I can. I just feel cute, special, feminine, and just damned lovely when people call me Stephy.

It had recently occured to me that my dog might die soon. She's already 8 years old. I'm not ashamed to say that she's the one who understands me the best. She didn't criticize me when I had popcorn for supper tonight, she actually seemed to encourage the idea, because she loves popcorn just as much as I do.

Have you ever seen those people whose pets look like them? That's not exactly the case here, but we have very similar personalities. I like popcorn, she like popcorn. She barks at kids who walk by the house, and I'm just dying to scream.

If a nut could make a phone call, they would spread insanity through the phone lines. That's from 12 Monkeys, I'm watching it right now, and Brad Pitt is fucking hott as a mad hatter.

My ear just popped, and now I feel that I can hear anything.. I can hear you reading this right now. Does that freak you out? It should, as I am showing signs of clear insanity.

Have you ever thought about the top 5 celebrities you would sleep with if you got the chance? Well, I did tonight as I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, and he had trouble comming up with five. But it eventually came out
1- Stephanie McMahon (from wrestling apparently)
2- Shania Twain
3- Torie Wilson (also from wrestling, what is wrong with this guy?)
4- Britney Spears
5- Demi Moore

And I was like Britney Spears? Man, you're dirty. So then he's like, am I on your list? And I'm like, are you a fucking celebrity? NO. So then he's all, well whose on the list. So I told him.
1- Matthew Good
2- Zach Braff
3- Johnny Depp
4- Brad Pitt
5- Ryan Gosling

Easy as pie hunny, my list extends into the hundreds, seriously, I need some loving, I'm just lonely and sad. So I leave you with the question, who would you fuck if you could?


Gina said...

My fuck list is
1) Usher
2) Matt Damon
3) Brad Pit

Who am I kidding, to be able to fuck a celebrity. I really don't think I would be choosy.

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