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February 15, 2005

I went to the dentist today.. and as if that wasn't bad enough, the appointment was at 8:00am. Who in their right mind goes to the dentist at 8am? I had 3 fillings, I hate that drill. I hate everything about it, the noise, the smell, the vibrations travelling across my brain.

My teeth hurt right now, I want to cry. Fuck.. Then I went to school & met up with Angela to work on this completely lame lab. It was basically 2 hours of copy and pasteing lame pioneer information because some crazy librarian thinks that this is a good idea. And let me tell you friends, it is not. By the end I was so amazingly bitch that I was yelling out swears about stupid pioneers.

Then, worst of all, EDIT 202...the ongoing amazingly horrible process of watching some crazy computer guy teach us why computers are good. I dont need to hear about his 1980's computer to make my life complete. In fact, I would be way better off without that discussion...

He showed us this crazy research he is doing, with graphs and everything, then this one stupid guy asks what conclustions can be made. Ummmm do you have a brain? Did you look at the fucking graphs? The conclusions are right there moron.

Anglea thinks I should write a book about all my crazy adventures. I think it would have to be rated unsuitable for minors, as I feel my cursing may be a problem for most parents.


larrykim said...

yeah, you should write a book. i encourage everyone to write books.... well, except for those who do not know how to write, then i would encourage them to learn to read... but then, maybe not... because if you gonna read a book, why not write a book.

i hope i was helpful...

Stephanie said...

That was awesome! I love comments!

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