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February 14, 2005

So here we are, the most dreaded day of singletons around the world, Valentine's Day. We sit around glorifying the holiday.. ahh if only I had a man, it would be so great!

But you know what?! That's total BULLSHIT! I had a man on Valentine's Day, twice to be exact, and it was worse than when I'm totally alone. And here's why:

Bachelor Number 1 (we'll call him Chris): Showed up at my house with a wonderful mug with a candy tree popping out of it, and there was a teddy bear and it was so wonderful my heart was bursting with teenage joy, and then he said, "oh I gotta go cause me and my parents are going up to the lake right now, just thought I'd drop this off on the way." Ummmm, OK?

Bachelor Number 2 (we'll call him stupid fucking asshole): Ugly flowers that he had left in a drawer all night with no water, followed by an index card that he wrote Happy Valentine's Day on. Ummmm, is it me, or is the fact that we have been dating for over a year a reason to expect maybe at least a nice card? I think the "Hey I let you sleep over, so now I want to study so go home," really topped it off. Definately the Best Valentine's Day EVER!

So hence, I prefer the road least preferred by most singletons, the one alone. Or possibly it's the fact that I just had a piece of totally orgasmic chocolate mousse cake. Mmmmm mousse cake is orgasmic.

3 posts in one day.... I'm so lame


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