A Girl's Best Friend

February 25, 2005

I know that they say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I am inclined to disagree. Personally, I believe procrastination is a girls best friend.

For example, I should be studying for my EDIT midterm, but as it is sooo lame, I am not. Or, I should really really clean my room, but I just kinda prefer laying around in a pile of clothes, its just esthetically pleasing to my eyes.

On second thought, I think I would like to have a diamond. So maybe diamonds are a girl's best friend. They are very sparkly. And it's like I always say, "If you don't like sparkly things, stop talking to me."

I often feel as though there are people watching me, but have now come to the conclusion that it's just because there are a bunch of stuffed animals pointed at my bed and they're all looking at me... leave me alone.


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